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Happy 40th Birthday!

Posted by CBMA on December 23rd, 2011

Yes it’s true, I’m blessed and humbly grateful to be celebrating another birthday but more excited to be turning 40!  As much as I love celebrating the birth of others, I usually find myself on an emotional roller-coaster when it comes to my own.  Not to mention the fact of getting thru the holidays without my grandmother (who passed away the week of Thanksgiving when I was 18).

Each year I always find myself thinking on the story I was told of when I was born… for starters I was born 3 months pre-mature (and during those times that was severely critical, even today sometimes it still is) with an incubator as my home.  Can you imagine a newborn baby born under those conditions?  Not to mention hooked up to various machines & breathing tubes….oh my goodness!

Oh wait, and did I mention my mother was on 16?  I know too much information but here’s my point.  Although she had her family to see us thru and as the years come & gone God truly blessed us both along the way.  Even though I have two other siblings, it puts a smile on my heart to know that as I’ve grown I was lucky enough to witness first hand my mother not only graduate high school, but college (a bachelors, two masters and then a doctorate) and the most difficult time was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, boy that was one scary journey.

So of course I know I’m get on my daughter’s nerves because I’m always sharing stories with her about my life before she was born…LOL!

I wish I could share with you more about my life story…hmmm maybe writing a book wouldn’t be a bad idea?  But year after year on my birthday I always take a few moments out of the day to reflect on what “could” have happened, what “should” have happened and what “did” happen all on a winter’s day 40 years ago; two days before Christmas!

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Happy Holidays!

Posted by CBMA on December 20th, 2011

To all of our friends, clients, associates  and supporters of Chenese Bean Makeup Artistry.  Thank you so much for a beautiful & fabulous year, 2011 wouldn’t have been spectacular without you!  From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a “glamorous” New Year!
Photo by Darnell Wilburn; Makeup by Chenese Bean

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